The real Paul Day

Last week, we had so much fun with Colin Lively just taking an impromptu look at the news, we thought we’d do it all over again!  With the moral compass of this show, Vicki Childs on vacation and no one minding the inmates, we are joined this week by comedian and former Billy Bob Neck persona, Paul Day.

Carol and Paul take on the top stories in the news with an irreverent take on topics such as:

  • The Affordable Health Care Act
  • Global Warming
  • Anderson Cooper
  • Dr. Laura Ingraham
  • The Colorado Wildfires
  • Talking Urinal Cakes (you’ll have to tune in, some things can’t be explained in writing)

We are of the belief that if more news commentaries were done in this fashion, America would be a better informed society – and certainly more Federal funding would be appropriated for mental health services.

Carol will close the show with her Special Comment.

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