Ladd Everitt, Director of Communications - Coalition to Stop Gun Violence

Since 2006, Ladd Everitt has been the Director of Communications for the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence (CSGV).  Ladd previously appeared on BROADSIDED last October to discuss several high-profile cases that had consumed the new cycles.  In that program, he appeared with last weeks’ guest, UCLA Law Professor Adam Winkler.  That was a fascinating program because we spoke extensively about interpretation of the Second Amendment vs the right of Americans to feel safe from one another.  We had no way of knowing what was to come.  Americans have almost come to realize that mass shootings have become a way of life – but the Trayvon Martin case put a national face and a name on very real issues that effect very real people.  We will be having a serious discussion of the “Stand Your Ground” laws, how those laws have come to pass and the push back against them since the killing of the unarmed Florida teen.  The prosecution of George Zimmerman will be a challenge because of the way the NRA has lobbied to shape the laws.  This is an issue that goes beyond the boundaries of race and we’ll delve into that with Ladd.

And then…. *drumroll please*… Vicki and Carol

Dee Ryan holding a..... ?

will be joined by their sister from another mister, the one, the only, DEE RYAN!  Dee is an actress, writer, improviser and an all around great gal.  We love her and can’t wait to tear through current events with her.  If you haven’t seen Dee, she has appeared on The Practice, The Office, has been a part of the famed Second City Improv Troupe and The Reduced Shakespeare Company. We always appreciate Dee’s sideways take on the news and can’t wait for her to join us.

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