Author and retired Secret Service Agent, Donald W. Tucker

Recently, the nation was somewhat taken aback by the recent scandal involving Secret Service agents buying sex while abroad.  Now that we’ve all gotten over the shock of men far from home, away from their families buying sex (end sarcasm), it’s time to have a discussion on what really happened and what the long-term ramifications are on the Agency.  Who better to ask than retired Secret Service Agent and author of his autobiography The Two-Edged Sword, Donald W. Tucker.  This is Don’s second appearance on BROADSIDED.  We love talking to him because Don brings an historical perspective to this topic like no one can. We’ve also got several other things we’d like to discuss with him, like racism in modern-day America and how it’s shaping virtually every topic related to the news.

Comedian Paul Day

For the second half of the show, it’s time for us to come clean about America’s Teabaggin’-ist Teabagger, Billy Bob Neck.  Without a doubt, when Billy Bob made his BROADSIDED appearance, few of us could have known that he was so near the end of his life.  On April 2nd, Billy Bob had a ‘Come to Jesus” moment where he realized, in his words, “God is a lie” and he took his own life.  Well… not really.  Billy Bob Neck was merely one of the incarnations of Boston-area comedian, Paul Day.  Paul created,in Billy Bob, a character that was so timely and so on point in everything espoused by the average Tea Partier, his schtick became so believable. his followers were made up half and half of those who understood what he was doing and those who proclaimed him to ‘speak for us’.  Brilliantly executed (sorry for the pun, Billy Bob), we confess even we were initially taken in by his act.  Our dear friend Paul will talk to us about killing off Billy Bob, the end of Billy Bob Neck’s Hour of Bein’ Good radio show and what’s next in his life.  If you loved Billy Bob Neck as much as we did, you can still enjoy his special brand of humor in his digital CD, Songs to Stop People From Bein’ Gay that you can download here for a mere $10.  It’s money well spent.  Paul Day is an enlightened Progressive and he’ll join us for our usual rundown of current news topics.  So fun as always.


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