I’ve been in a relationship for two years with a married man I met at my office. After separating from his wife we began a relationship and he moved in with me. I have met his wife once and she doesn’t show any interest toward wanting to rekindle any old flames. I figure this is true because he is always complaining how she never calls concerning their six year old daughters well being. He does not see his daughter often stating the mom is rather difficult to deal with.  I have asked him about moving forward with the divorce and he is adamant that she is the one making things so hard concerning the process. I’m starting to wonder how true that is. I love him and I’m ready to be his wife, how can I get him to follow through with the divorce and make me an honest woman.

Ring Ready

Ready, I have to say that your chances of seeing a ring anytime soon or at all are slim to none. You have lost all your bargaining chips! He is already enjoying the pleasures that should have been reserved for the mutual I DO. You have given away all the mystery, all of the romance, and certainly the respect behind earning the privileges to a virtuous woman. You are being robbed of your virtue and you have your eyes wide open. This man is not willing to take the steps needed to finalize his relationship with his wife serving as a barrier between you and him, that keeps him from moving forward with and being fully committed to you. One does not value the things they have not rightfully earned and those who take possession of things they have not rightfully earned cannot enjoy them to their full potential.

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