corvette gas mileage savings

My 2001 Vette. Yes, on my Bucket List!

My good friend Jeff Gilder from Racers Reunion introduced me to Nexus Fuel Products, and I am happy to give a testimonial about how great this stuff works. I’ve been using it in my 2001 Vette (isn’t she beautiful?!) since April, and in the last six months, my fuel mileage has increased tremendously. Previously, I had to use high-octane and got about 23-24 mpg. Now I can use regular fuel, and I get around 28 mpg. That’s a huge savings, especially when you figure the price difference right now between regular and high-test is 28 cents per gallon.

So how much am I saving?

I’m getting an extra 83 miles per fill up and it’s costing me $5 less. I’ll take that any day!

Good for the earth. Good for my bank account. Good for my Vette.

And no, you can’t buy her. 🙂