ObamaCare:  We Have To Pass The Bill So We’ll Know What’s In It

Remember that famous remark of the one and only Nancy Pelosi? Referring to the Affordable Care Act, or more commonly known as “Obamacare” but quickly obtaining the nickname of “just another government screw up”. Seriously, if you recall, those words came from the mouth of Ms. Pelosi when debate over the original bill was ongoing. So, they passed it.  Now they are still trying to figure out what’s in it.

I will admit that I am not an Obama supporter. I will also admit that I am neither a Republican nor Democrat nor affiliated with any party. I am, however, an American Citizen with a reasonable grasp of what is right and what is wrong. I knew, from the beginning that this “Obamacare” was an ill-advised move by the liberal faction of this country to further entrap those already dependent upon the government for their every need. It appears to me that every government program instituted by either major political party for the past 100 years had more problems than answers. Surely you are all aware of the all too common jokes about government inefficiency. Just do a little research to confirm my statements.

Here we are, November 17, 2013, more than 45 days AFTER the rollout of “Healthcare.gov” or whatever catchy name they chose to hang on this miserable piece of legislation. As of this morning, there are less than 170,000 folks enrolled while millions have received notice from the insurance companies with whom they were insured that their policies were being canceled. This was in spite of the promise that “if you like what you have, you can keep it”. Really? I see the President is dancing around that issue with more moves than a tango dancer on Dancing With the Stars.

I am also having a problem with this President having forced this ill-advised law through Congress and yet he has, by Executive Order, modified or further changed it twice already and is going for three times. Someone please let me know how and why a President can bypass a law of the land by his own manipulation. No Supreme Court Ruling, no Congressional action, just the mouth of Barack Obama saying he’ll delay this, modify that, etc.

I have found it very interesting that several of the Democratic sheep of the Obama fold are breaking ranks now that they are up for re-election. They are being informed by their voters that the voters are sick of being lied to and abused by the political system.

This brings up an entirely different issue which I will address in a later blog post but I will say right here and now that I understand the approval rating for Congress is at 9%. The President’s approval rating is hovering around 40%. Yet, through some contrivance I will never understand or accept, people will go about voting the same folks back into office. I simply cannot understand that. I do hope someone will wake up the populace before the next election and let’s dump those currently in office. I am not one to spout negatives so much, but there if there is one politician in office in Washington D. C. at this writing worth the vote to return that person to office, please let me know who that would be and back up your statement with some facts.

As for Barack Obama, history will find him, in my opinion, as the biggest failure in American Politics. It is easy to see why he was elected and why he was re-elected and the country is suffering for it. Thanks be to God that, at least as of this writing, he is limited to only the two terms but then we must be aware that he is very liberal with these “Executive Orders”.