Today I found myself in a situation that had me traveling up the vibrational scale.  I started my journey in “completely pissed off”, I made a quick stop in “I want to kick some ass”, I then had a brief layover in “raising my voice” and spent a little too much time than necessary in “just a little upset”.

Then it arrived……

That moment of clarity and conscious awareness…. when I saw these precious moments in time for exactly what they were…. My Indicators, letting me know I was out of alignment.  

Each of us comes with an inner guidance system, negative emotions are our easy to read guages, and when you don’t pay attention to the indicator lights, you may just end up breaking down.  Just like your car has a check engine light, YOUR INNER GPS also has top of the line indicators informing you immediately, when you are out of alignment with the source energy within you. (Which simply means, you are feeling differently than your inner being feels.)

Your indicators (negative emotion) will come on and keep shining until you pay attention to them….. and if you don’t pay attention, they will show up in your outside circumstances even stronger usually as chaos, drama, depression, despair and poverty.

Your indicators (negative emotion) will signal you anytime you are feeling contrary to your source.  Most people do not understand their own inner guidance system.  Many get so caught up in negative emotion it runs…. and many times ruins their life, leaving them feeling powerless over their circumstances.

Negative emotion is a Powerful indicator, informing you IMMEDIATELY when you are out of alignment with your Source.

Today when I realized what a beautiful indicator those emotions were, it allowed me to accept them, Love them for the great job they did letting me know I needed an ‘inner” tune up, and release them along with the resistance of disapproval that had built up in the process.

Your emotions are part of a Powerful Guidance System giving you the choice in each moment to come back into alignment with your source, and they will keep shining until you do.


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