It is that question that got my attention last week:  What energizes you?

When do you feel most energized? Is it when you’re with people, or alone? Is it when you’re at your job, or is it a hobby?

We don’t spend enough time feeling energized and alive, do we?

I finally realized this for myself just recently after I had been sick for 6 weeks, finally went to the doctor, and she said “You’ve got Bronchitis a Sinus Infection AND an Upper Respiratory Infection…” Wow.

Nothing like being laid up for 3 whole days to really give you time to think…

You may know I’m doing the 40 Days to Personal Revolution with Seva Power Yoga. And, one of the questions from week 2 is: When do I feel most energized?

That question stopped me in my tracks… when DO I feel most energized? When I read that question, it dawned on me that I had been feeling way more run-down, unenergized, and dreading certain things – even before the illness set in…

I’m a huge believer in – the things that make you feel joyful, happy and energized are exactly what you should be doing… the things that make you feel negative, crappy, and full of dread are things you should not do.

Joy and happiness are ALWAYS the keys to living a life you love.

When you find yourself feeling angry, sad, out of sorts, dreadful, gossipy, pissy at others… these are all hints that something isn’t aligned. You’re not moving in the right direction… you’re off the path…

Figure out what makes you most energized and move toward that.

Below is a yoga sequence to get you moving a little bit – to hopefully energize you so that you can discover what brings you joy, and how you can get more of it. If you’re not sure what brings you joy – don’t pressure yourself… just begin to notice over the next few days when you’re happy, and when you’re not.

If you know what brings you joy, but you feel stuck in an opposite situation, set your intention to start to figure out how you can change your situation.

I’m a big believer in the fact that we are always in control of our life… your life is a response to the actions you’re currently taking – it’s not something that’s inflicted upon you.

So if you don’t like what’s showing up, it’s time to start taking different actions.

I’m not telling you to up and quit a job if it truly brings you misery… let’s not be rash…

Just set your intention to start being energized more… and see where it leads. I’ve been doing lots of thinking this last week – and really noticing when I feel negative, and when I feel happy and energized… it’s been interesting – I can definitely see some changes that need to happen… what will you notice?