The Crazy Bitch Society acknowledges, appreciates and seeks to unite women: the feisty homemaking single ladies who love being single and the exhausted under-appreciated wives, the free-thinking bitches with a dream and younger women just coming into their own with a bit of uncommon knowledge: and teach them that being a Crazy Bitch is NOT a state of mind…it is a way of life and you must OWN IT.

It is acknowledging that women should share far more life experiences with one another, instead of focusing on what divides us.

It is believing that all women should have the freedom to fully embrace their individuality and share it with the world, rather than adhere to what we are told women are supposed to be.

It is appreciating the differences among us all and understanding that fostering a sense of unity among women will help make each of us stronger, while making the world a place where being called a bitch has less sting and less power to demean us.

For us, crazy is living out loud, being true to ourselves, loving our families, surpassing our dreams, embracing our girlfriends, and ending girl-on-girl gossip and bullying.

Being a Crazy Bitch in this Society means having tasteful and extreme fun by uniting with all our Crazy Bitch friends and enjoying what makes us similar.

It’s taking the term ‘Crazy Bitch’ from misogynistic men and women and turning it into a pretty ‘hot damn’ compliment.