For the past six+ years, my husband Dave and I have lived in Arizona. During that time I created my “tribe” social community and developed my business as an intuitive life coach and a spiritual teacher. During that time I had a routine, a daily plan. I worked with clients on an individual basis, had several regular clients and others that just worked with me from time to time. I even had those one-time only clients.

I taught a development circle where once a month members from my “tribe” gathered together. It was fun and enlightening for all of us, and we always laughed a lot during that time.

In August of 2011, Dave and I had the opportunity to move back to the Seattle area to be closer to our family and long-time friends. Although this was a very happy and exciting move for us, I found myself lonely and out of sorts.

After the majority of the unpacking and other chores associated with a large move were complete, I felt very sad. I no longer have a structure to my day and the ability to visit with my Arizona network of friends easily.

Shortly before our move, I was rather burned-out with my business and made the decision to not start it over once we moved. Now that we are settled in, I am trying to decide what I want to do. It’s surprising how uncomfortable I am not having the structure that I had in Arizona, yet at the same time I don’t have the desire to do the same thing again.

Today it hit me that I need to dig deep and decide what I want to do next. I also need to go within and be still and listen to my own inner guidance. That is where the answers lie.

The Here Women Talk community is my tribe; we just don’t live in the same town/city. With the current technology, I can be connected to people from all over the world!