If 2011 was a bit mundane for your taste and you found yourself going, “next year will be different,” then you owe it to yourself to kick up the jams. Now. Is there anything more deadly then monotonous, middle of the road, just so-so and so on? I don’t think so.

Most of 2011 was a lot of work for me. And the first half was not all that inspiring. But when I took the time six months ago to really get in touch with my creative side, I found it was quite responsive and my long suffering creativity welcomed me home again. And as I nurtured both my writing and my artwork, I found my true artistic soul was coming out to play again. I was feeling more alive and was so grateful that my creativity did not go away forever. It was a little annoyed that I denied myself the right to call myself an artist and live as an artist, but it was forgiving.

I am here to tell you that it does come back. Just keep a lot of dark chocolate and red wine in the house.

I am not making any resolutions this year.  But I do plan on 2012 as being the year that will revolutionize my life when it come to taking my writing and artwork up a notch or 2 or 3. Whatever it is going to take, I am going to be a willing participant in changing the course of my life. Who else is going to change it for me? Who else is going to change it for you?

A couple of quick tips to getting back on track:

Take up journaling each day. Fill it with positive affirmations and on the days that the dark side appears, write all the crap down, rip the toxic page out of the journal and put it through the shredder. A little ritual helps to keep the dark, depressing thoughts away.

Get off the computer and daydream. Just do 15 minutes of free association and see how your mood improves.

Meditate – Just concentrate on your breath. Inhale for four seconds, hold for seven and then exhale fully for eight seconds. Do it four times.  Even if you do this twice a day, you will see a difference. It’s a cheap high and you won’t get caught eating everything in the cookie aisle either.

Believe – Believe that you deserve it. You do.

Join a local Facebook Anonymous group. I will see you there.  I will be sitting in the second row.

Have yourselves a very creative 2012.


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