These days there are an increasing number of commercials on TV, plus numerous magazine ads that tout “amazing” Anti-Aging creams, hair dyes, surgery and shots, all promising to help you win the battle over Time.

Initially, seeing them, I was incensed. Their message that applying this or that cream, lotion or potion will guarantee renewed youth is filled with deception. But, after a while, rather than being upset, I decided to figure out why they are so appealing to women of all ages.

I suspect that the answer lies in our fear of aging. The images that we’ve seen for our entire lives are certainly discouraging and depressing. We’ve been brainwashed into believing that aging in a downward descent to death.

Does this mean that we have to accept this dreadful point of view? Are we destined to become weak, sexless, unattractive, and even, God forbid, useless?

I say NO!

Despite what anyone, society, and even your inner voice says, you can create a personal style of aging that makes it a joyous adventure. Your determination and dedication will gift you with the inner and outer beauty you have always desired. And that everyone deserves.. at any age!

YES… Time will pass. We have no choice about that.

Some wrinkles?

Less skin tone?

Less energy and fitness?

Do these comments frighten you? Perhaps they do.

Must they discourage and depress you? NO WAY!

When you decide to be the victor over Time, and not its victim, you will begin a journey that honors life… at every age.

May 2012 be filled with radiant health and abundant blessings, and may the face you see in the mirror be smiling with grace and gratitude.

Much love and laughter,