Dear Phyllis:

Why is it that plus size clothes cost more than the size just below it? I know there is extra material involved — but 4 or 5 dollars worth? Why can’t all the prices just even out to absorb that extra 1/16 yard? ~Barbara F.


Personally I agree. It’s ridiculous for vendors to charge SO much more for larger sizes up to about 4x. If a vendor goes from size 6 to 32, well, that’s a large fabric difference and is understandable to charge more. However, when it’s a vendor who specializes in plus-size clothing, that is not cool. AT ALL!   For example, has a hoodie (HERE) that starts at medium as $24.99 and then at 2x jumps to $34.99. Is it really necessary? REALLY? That much of a jump in materials and production costs?

There are vendors that do not do this. For example, is featuring a wonderful trench coat at size 12 up to size 30 with no change in price point (Here).  Size 12 to 30 is a large difference in material, especially the material used for a high-end trench as opposed to the material used for the hoodie. Does the hoodie material really cost that much more than the trench material it justifies such a high percentage of cost increase? I do not have access to the OSP hoodie’s material cost, so I cannot tell you for certain. However it does not take a genius to figure out that the hoodie’s material is not as high a quality as the trench’s.

I think it boils down to respect for the consumer. What will they take without complaint? How much of an increase will make a difference before they go elsewhere? Well in my case if I want a hoodie that’s priced the same for everyone I will go to which offers all of their sizes for casual wear XS to 3X at the same price point. If I am really jonesing for that OSP hoodie, I will search online for a promocode or wait for a sale. It would be a great need indeed for me to pay that much more for my size. It’s a budgetary concern, yes, but mostly it’s the principal of the thing. That’s an unreasonable increase, and in the spirit of good old American capitalism, I simply take my dollars elsewhere. What you do is your decision entirely.

Great question!


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