How to Get Real at Any Age and be Your Authentic Self  – with a Capital S!

“What does our planet need now?  More women fighting an ultimately losing battle with their aging appearance or strong women of expanded vision who proudly wear their years and use their vital wisdom and experience to dynamically benefit families, communities and the entire planet?” website

Susan Macauley

Joni Steele Kimberlin

Wednesday on YAK we will be joined by Susan Macaulay, founder of Amazing Women Rock, and Joni Steele Kimberlin, Writer and Director of Get Real! Wise Women Speak, award-winning documentary by Third Fire Films about the adventure, meaning and value of women’s lives as they age (see trailer, below).

We have more people over the age of 50 than any other age group in America.  It’s time for media and society to get real and realize that older women don’t just disappear or fall off a cliff as they age but actually get wiser, more powerful and more valuable.

Dr. Muriel O’Tuel

Angela Pilson

Colin Lively

Joining host Kay Van Hoesen in the studio will be the extraordinary Muriel O’Tuel, Ph.D. in counselor education and psychology, who epitomizes the wisdom and value showcased by Get Real! Wise Women Speak, as well as the young and wise Angela Pilson, HWT Intern. And of course YAK would not be complete without the always entertaining CLZ with Colin Lively.

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