judge yourself

You Be The Judge

Next to deceit, judging others is possibly the worst of all human flaws.  Everyone is a judge, yes, including me.  What if we step outside of ourselves for a moment and analyze what makes us do so?  Some people judge others as a reflection of their own shortcomings to further create a smokescreen for the same thing they are judging others about.  There is a saying when you point a finger at someone, three fingers point back at you.

If we truly look deep within ourselves, we don’t only see our strong traits but our weaknesses as well.  When we do so, we would know that the very thing we judge others about is the weaknesses we somehow cannot change within us.

In Matthew 7:1-6, Jesus warns about judging others.  He wants us to change what needs to change before we look at what they need to change.  To understand our own weaknesses, strengthen them, and then that strength will manifest itself in our actions which will then be a testimony to others which they can learn from.  This is the “plank” that Jesus talks about.  The very thing we judge another with what is impaled inside us and needs to be removed.  Have you ever met anyone who WANTS to be told what to do?  Isn’t it the saying that “actions speak louder than words?”   

So how do we do that?  Listen to yourself.  What do you catch yourself saying about others when you judge?  Before you let the words come out of your mouth, ask yourself, “Can someone else say the same thing about me?”  Chances are, the answer will be “Yes, indeed.”  We can’t overcome this flaw overnight just as sure as we may let one, two, three instances slip by.  God does not like hypocrites but God forgives us all instantly if, and only if, we confess our sins and are truly repentant.  We were born imperfect and He knows this.  He knows when and what you will do when you sin before you even do it.  That’s no secret to God, but you gotta ask yourself, is it worth it?  Do I further His kingdom by continuing to do the wrong thing just because I know I will be forgiven?  Or do I make that change now and become a good Christian role model to those around me, whether they are my family or just the people I come in contact with each day? 

To be honest, even for me, it is a tall order.  But no matter how big the struggle is, I know that God is deserving of my obedience and love because that small thing I can offer Him is a mere speck compared to the magnanimous and gargantuan love He has for me.  Let’s make a concerted effort to, as the great Michael Jackson said, “starting with the man in the mirror.”

Till my next rant… LOVE ONE ANOTHER!