“Every child that comes in to the world is sensitive, but rarely is the child encouraged to recognize and enjoy the benefits of their so-called sixth sense!”

Extra-sensory perception or having a Sixth Sense, has long been assumed to be an almost magical ability, one belonging more to the world of myth and fairy than to everyday reality.

From my personal experiences, of being a psychic child and extensive research as a professional psychic for the past 40 years, I feel that the Sixth Sense is indeed our survival sense, which lies within the right or creative side of the brain and houses the subconscious, unconscious mind.

We are all born with Six Senses, although in our society we only declare and cultivate our five senses of hearing, seeing, smelling, tasting and feeling. Our environment and behavioral patterns dictate how we will develop all these senses.

So then we can claim that, we all are psychic! I do firmly believe that the Sixth Sense or survival sense that we all have is very natural.

As we observe the world today, it is slowly changing, but we still have a long way to go.  The human lived by his Sixth Sense, for many centuries.  But, I ask you; do we need to “survive” currently?  To sum it up, we have lost the skill of using our Sixth Sense or survival sense, because we just don’t need it, so we think.  It is so easy to retrieve that part of ourselves, if we want to.  But it is most definitely in the wanting.

You may ask, are some of us more in tune with our Sixth Sense than others? Are there differences in the sexes?

Scientific researchers tell us that women probably have a biological advantage in this department.  In the female brain there is a larger network of fibers linking the right and left hemispheres.  This can allow a faster response time between the right and left-brain.  So this gives the female a head start on combining logic and her Intuition.  The female also uses a magnetic sense, which is connected, to her menstrual cycle and the phases of the moon.

The limbic system of the female works differently, which keeps her in close touch with her offspring.  Women will tend to feel their flashes of Intuition or sixth sense differently than males.  A female may feel a tightening in the diaphragm or stomach, when she knows for sure that she is receiving information.

I began doing this at a very young age and couldn’t understand why I was always having stomach aches.

Men feel their flashes of intuition differently, most often by a sensation of warmth in the chest area, or a gut feeling.  They are what we call electrically based versus magnetic.  Males will tend to use their Sixth Sense for problem solving.

Scholars and scientists today are studying ESP or the Sixth Sense and are beginning to agree that everyone has the capacity to be intuitive to a degree.  By developing, educating and practicing, the skill can be acquired.