Author: Nancy Meryl

Judge a Book by its Cover! It’s Out! “No Coincidences”

Judge a Book by its Cover! It’s Out! No Coincidences No Coincidences has been launched! Between elizabeth cassidy’s artistic talent on the front cover and Nancy Meryl’s experiences, validations, chapters about Psychic Mediums, Ena Twigg from England and Glenn Dove, Sloan Kettering and Edgar Cayce have made people connect and relate with their own personal experiences and thoughts. Psychic Medium Nancy Meryl is not out to make you change your ideas or beliefs but to experience actual happenings that have transpired to enable you to think outside of the box. Her readings have been validated and documented and studies...

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Do I Walk Alone?

Do I walk alone even though I know a friend is next to me? Are we capable of enjoying ones own company? Can we bring in a friend and add them to our company? Do we feel alone on a path with people walking with friends while we walk alone? Each person manifests their own strengths and abilities to their individual needs. One of my most enjoyable trips was when I went to Puerto Rico alone my first year of college. I got to know myself, enjoy my own company. Even though I ended up with nail polish remover...

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What If?

What If… If this was your final week and you could do anything, what would it be? The skies were blue but you saw it differently? If you could be anything, what would it be? If you could bring the clock back at least ten years, would you change anything and if so what would it be? If you have one wish to wish for, what would that wish be? What if you had one last sentence to say to someone you loved, how would you express your words? If you could place all ingredients filled with kindness, hope...

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Have You Ever Felt the Wind or a Touch?

Have You Ever Felt the Wind or a Touch? It was a spring morning when one client of mine expressed feeling the wind in the back of her neck when the day was hot and humid. Outside without an air conditioner, the wind on her neck felt like a breeze of air that momentarily passed right by her as a sign. Another client expressed that he was touched on his shoulder while he was reading. As he quickly turned to see if he were able to identify this touch, he realized that there was not anyone there.My question to...

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Animals Who Cross Over – Messages From Pets

Animals Who Cross Over – Messages From Pets Dedicated to Jill Aurland. I recently received a phone call from a very close friend of mine who was in tears. Her fourteen-year-old Pomeranian, Madik passed. Madik’s unconditional love, brought laughter and joy to the family. He was ill with diabetes that finally took over his life and his quality was no longer what it used to be. Those who love animals must understand that they do connect with us. Just because they are not in human form does not mean they will not be able to connect. In fact, I had a reading with a man who lost his cat in a fire. He flew in from California for the reading. His cat delivered messages that only the owner was able to understand. Just like I am able to speak languages when in a trance, animals communicate their thoughts as well. It is all about a shift in consciousness. This morning I wrote to Jill, who resides in Lexington Kentucky and awoke with a message from Madik. He was assuring her that he was where he wanted to be and that was in his home. When Jill returned home she felt guilty that she was not there but was left to find her loving friend on his blanket near his bed. This is the way he wanted to go. I...

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Karma is a Bitch!

Karma is a Bitch! Think what you say or how you act before you regret what you do Know that Karma’s a bitch and will come back to haunt you. Realize that love is the ultimate divine, if not, Karma’s going to kick you in the behind. Hurt your family, friends, colleagues or pets, Knowing that you have zero regrets. Karma is going to get you. Say hurtful words that give others pain and look at yourself you must be insane Karma is a Bitch and this should be known If you do something bad, this you will own...

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