What If…

If this was your final week and you could do anything, what would it be?
The skies were blue but you saw it differently?
If you could be anything, what would it be?
If you could bring the clock back at least ten years, would you change anything and if so what would it be? If you have one wish to wish for, what would that wish be?
What if you had one last sentence to say to someone you loved, how would you express your words?
If you could place all ingredients filled with kindness, hope and health and add the toppings with wealth, how would you measure your ingredients?
If you were given a deck of cards, what if you selected one card, what would your card tell you?
What if you viewed a video in your mind of how you were twenty years ago, would you be the same person who you are now? Would you be the same person with more wisdom or with the same?

If you could start your tasks in this life all over again, how would you revise all?
Beyond the trees and the fancy smell of the lilacs and Heather, could you stop the world in their relentless attacks? If so, how?
If you could lead the world for just one day, how would you do it and what would you do?
If you see a person in dire straights, do you pity them and walk away or do you give them a hot meal and ask them to stay?
Think about all you must and take time to think what if I could put my problems aside for a moment, for a day, what would you say?
What if you closed your mind to all of the chatter, and sat quietly and stilled your mind? What if you found clarity? What did you find?