windHave You Ever Felt the Wind or a Touch?

It was a spring morning when one client of mine expressed feeling the wind in the back of her neck when the day was hot and humid. Outside without an air conditioner, the wind on her neck felt like a breeze of air that momentarily passed right by her as a sign.

Another client expressed that he was touched on his shoulder while he was reading. As he quickly turned to see if he were able to identify this touch, he realized that there was not anyone there.My question to you, was there anyone there? Was it a coincidence or not a coincidence? Could it be a thought or was it that there was really a touch? Are there any such things as real without visually being able to see them? Touch is a sense, however, without visually seeing the touch is it possible that there was a touch or was it imagination?

Take a person who is blind. The person would need to feel the touch and then use their sense of smell to determine the touch. As a Psychic Medium, I have the ability to smell, however, if the blind person was not able to smell, just feel the touch, then is the blind person imagining? Is it possible that the touch were a thought? Is it possible the touch were real? If it were real, then how can we explain the feel of the touch without seeing or smelling the subject?

Perhaps we can look for another sign of sense. Do any of the senses come to mind? I am posing these questions in order to make you think and respond based on either your experiences or your thoughts. You are not being graded, just brainstorming and stretching your mind. Please think and respond and if you wish to share your occupation or job, that would be an asset in sharing your thinking process. Your thoughts are welcomed and not judged.

Nancy Meryl