Bandstand Bonnie Bristol Stomps with Colin Lively ~ Friday, 2pm EST

Bandstand Bonnie Bristol Stomps with Colin Lively ~ Friday, 2pm EST

The year:  1961

The place:  Philadelphia

The Man:  Dick Clark

The Show:  American Bandstand

The Music:  Bobby Rydell, Connie Francis, et al.

The dancer: Bonnie Nadley.

How could she possibly have known that 50 years later, Bonnie Nadley would become “Bandstand Bonnie”.

She is the embodiment of millions of baby boomers all across the country who rushed home after school to tune into American Bandstand.  My generation learned to dance, learned to scream, at the very sight of their singing idols. And we dressed as much like the Bandstand dancers as possible.

Join me on the next Colin Lively Show with my very, and I do mean very, special guest, Bandstand Bonnie herself as we Bristol Stomp, Hully Gully, and Twist down Memory Lane.

Editor’s Note:  If you missed the live show, archive is available here

((Live)) Friday, January 13  –  2-3 pm Eastern (11 am-12 pm Pacific)

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  1. I really enjoyed this show.. Brought back lots of memories for me. At 4, I taught myself how to jitterbug, holding on the tv door knob and watching my cousins, Joanne & Carmella MonteCarlo dance on American Bandstand. They were regulars, popular, & of course, excellent dancers! I watched it every day!! Bonnie, so glad we connected on FB and I love to hear the oldies. I saw you doing the Bristol Stomp, with the Dovells live, at the benefit.. Awesome! Thanks for sharing and all my best to you and Colin! Keep on Dancin! I love it too! Denise

    • Colin Lively

      me too..i learned to dance with the door…and you know what, after all these years, i have found that the door has been my best dance partner..

    • Colin Lively

      i’m on Facebook..why aren’t you my friend ??…Bonnie is very special. but SO AM I!!

      • I’m on FB… so I will friend you, Colin! I enjoyed the show a lot and you are a stitch! LOL… Hope your weekend is going good!

  2. Bonnie, you will always be OUR BANDSTAND BONNIE, your dances brings back great memories. You are a sweetherat & dear friend of mine. You just “KEEP ON DANCING” girl!! You’re the BEST.

  3. Wonderful Colin !
    Bonnie – One of your best interviews.
    — Your LONG time friend.

  4. Bonnie is such a lovely dancer, my mother would just love this, as she also was amazing on the dance floor.
    Go Bonnie!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Bonnie is American Bandstand. She danced on American Bandstand and now she is promoting Bandstand with live radio interviews. She is a good example of a typical 60’s teenager. I am fortunate to have met her on Facebook.

  6. Bonnie is a fantastic dancer. I think it’s great that she has danced all through the years…. Love her!!!!!!

  7. One of the BEST things that happened to me was meeting Bandstand Bonnie on Facebook.She is truly a gem….doing MORE to keep the memory of American Bandstand alive than anyone I know.So many of us lived through the wonderful era of the 50’s an 60’ can relive that time when we hear her interviews on the radio.I can only imagine how much the regular dancers on the show appreciate hearing her interviews..ALWAYS positive and informative..We love you Bonnie!!

  8. Come visit the only exclusive site on American Bandstand and the American Bandstand Regulars — the first of its kind — and learn about this unique group of stars and the contribution they made to the history of dance and music. Pop a post on one of the blogs, but most of all enjoy your stay. So many have contacted me to tell me they are looking forward to your show tomorrow and telephoning in with their comments.

  9. Not only is a Bandstand Bonnie a genuinely nice person, but she is a wonderful dancer and a true fan of the music business. I am happy to have met her and glad to see her get the notoriety that she deserves. She is a wonderful spirit!
    Go Bonnie! :)



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