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White House First Black Lady

By: J.D. Bundun Michelle Obama a woman of caliber, grace, beauty and pride Serving a nation her country her people, united as one and divided as one Nothing but grace as she present herself to the nation, the world apart A strong woman alike, a category to celebrate in every aspect of her life’s work Decision, decision, problem solving is a job in the White House every day Service to the nation first, to a husband President of the United States of America A parent, a mother that welcomes all children as one, with two of her own A warm and charismatic personality she gives her all, a character blessed with good values to win ones’ heart Devoted and faithful, she stands tall and strong mother in the White House Next to her husband the President as his wife, partner, friend, mother of his two children Love for her country she confess without shame, a great nation to serve, to give, to share America, America, the foundation, the roots of her parents, a land of great opportunities A dream beyond a dream, bigger than most, nothing less than the best to enjoy in America Michelle Obama a woman, a wife, a mother, a role model to the nation, one of kind Written in her book of life not too long ago unknown to the world, her story unfold The...

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By: William Hollingshead Sorry My pillow is cold with your embrace. You are a dove in a room full of ravens. I wait with bated breath Holding an olive branch. ###   Bio: I am William Hollingshead, an Economics major at Coastal Carolina. I am a server at...

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By: Marquise Jones Faith I have high faith, i have arrogant hope My faith is the only thing that helps me coop To understand i have blessings to come Even when i think the evil has won But sometimes this maze is to hard to solve I feel as if some problems cant be resolved Head to the ground mind to the clouds But temptation is everywhere around Never say never but never say always Everything in life is simply just a phase So always think positive About this cruel life we live Sometimes we want to give in Consistently  tempted by sin Never give but always take Thinking one always needs a break It may hurt now Blessings might take awhile But if you just keep your faith It will be worth the wait ### Bio: 16-year-old boy who loves to write his heart...

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The Pool at 84 South: a Memory, a Fear

By: Anthony DeSantis   A boy and his mother undulated over the chlorine sea and an exact moment: learning to swim, remembering breath. Only the sounds of liquid existed. They reminded the mother of when her child crafted waves in the bathtub by hand. She taught her son to tread the water, and the boy wondered if his mother forgot about when she burned him with a cigarette. Now, he fused his arms with hers and said something like, I know it was accidental, just envelop me in your hair until the end. She’ll yearn for it all to happen again, but stop holding her son above the crystalline surface. The boy has to learn sometime. Mother and child, severed by the rippling of a time-conscious pool, will always love each other, submerge together, resurface.   ### Bio: Anthony DeSantis is a junior in the Creative Writing Department at the South CarolinaGovernor’s School for the Arts and Humanities. He writes largely to examine things from a variety of perspectives. Nothing is more important to him than influencing a person’s thoughts and feelings through what he writes. Along side his passion of writing, though, Anthony loves to study theatre and foreign languages. His infatuation with Spanish language and culture began while he was growing up in South Florida. Anthony feels that this childhood has provided writing material for years to...

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Time to Ponder

By: Teresa Morrow As I take time to ponder I let my mind wander Are you watching over me now?   I think of those moments we spent And how much it meant Do you remember me?   Sometimes I wish On those times we missed Why did you have to go?   I miss you today And every day But there is something to say For you live in my heart And that is a great place to start.   ### Bio: Following an love for books and writing, Teresa started Key Business Partners, an online book promotional company that helped many authors share their personal messages of hope and healing with others. At 40, this native Floridian’s true life purpose came to the forefront. Now an inspirational speaker and writer this author of Life Lessons from the Heart (2012 publisher) is an advocate for women who want to realize and share their own uniqueness. She serves as a reminder that one’s true purpose can be experienced starting now through her...

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Saturday Night at the Leaches’ House, Tuned to BBC America

By: Lois Carlisle Sunk down in the couch with Jon in the recliner next to me. A red-head’s missing years playing out before us as though on a stage but somehow more ethereal. Hazier. Far more so than standing in the bonfire smoke behind the house, pulling shoes off and propping feet on the smooth heat of the stone fence. Those river-fed rocks, ground up, form what my family calls a killing floor. Where livestock meet their ends above a dust that was never alive to begin with. There, by the flames, I am not afraid because I can feel the heat in my bare toes and I can explain where it comes from: the fire. But on the couch, I do not know where the warmth comes from. I can feel it in my fingers, and in my side, but I share the couch with myself. And if I could say then what I know now to be true about those lost killing years— stuffed up in passenger seat, parked beneath a bridge so the hail could not bruise our surreality —as soap bubbles on murky dishwater, skin transparent and alive. Back on the couch, I should have said life isn’t like the haze and light of our Saturday night television expedition into deep space. A cool and soundless vacuum.   ### Bio: Lois is a student at...

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