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Old Gals Dance BETTER Than The Stars

Old Gals Dance BETTER Than The Stars Some years ago, a video of an older woman dancing salsa with a young buck 40 years her junior circulated all over the internet. Rumors flew that she was Ginger Rogers dancing with her grandson (not true — Ginger died in 1995). Turns out, she’s a British woman named Sarah Jones better known as Paddy who lives in Valencia, Spain and took up salsa at Nico’s, her dance partner’s academy, after her husband passed away.  The video (below) of this then 70-something grandmother keeping perfect time with her fluid musical acrobats inspired and...

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Hold the Phone

Hold the Phone It was a sad day…my cordless phone died…it had lived a good life…facilitated some good conversations…never spread gossip…only got lost a few times…which…I must say…is better than me…but…I digress. So…the phone died…and…I did what I had to do…no…I didn’t Google…I know…I Google everything…but…for this…Google couldn’t help me…now that doesn’t mean that I didn’t do my research…I did…it was just hands on. I went to the local store…and…checked out all of the available models…now…most people shopping for phones…are checking out the features…which one makes coffee…which one fetches the newspaper…then…they look for how many drone phones it has…that...

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Liberal And Proud Of It! Live From The Great Red State of Georgia

Colin Lively Show ((LIVE)) Friday, 2pm EST. Mary Strickland Simmons is the outspoken local liberal of Waverly Hall, GA, and she doesn’t give a flying *&%# who doesn’t like it. Sixty years old, tattooed and running the roads on the back of a motorcycle, she’s been shaking things up wherever she goes for years. About 75 miles SW of Atlanta sits a 4 square mile quintessential Southern town steeped in Civil War history. Its claim to fame? The Waverly Hall Cemetery, the most documented cemetery in the world because it is haunted by not one, but several ghosts. Very...

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That’s Right, I Said It – I’ll Be 57 Next Week

Please read this first paragraph while humming the Bee Gees song “Tragedy” in your head. On December 16th I will turn 57 years old. As I face this new birthday I can’t help but notice the changes in the celebration of it. Well meaning people who used to send me funny, sexy or silly birthday cards now send me deeply religious birthday greetings that waiver very close to the line of a sympathy card. Evidently, when you reach a certain age you should start thinking more about the hereafter than having a kick ass celebration. A friend, whom I...

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Me and My Vette Love Nexus Fuel Additive

My good friend Jeff Gilder from Racers Reunion introduced me to Nexus Fuel Products, and I am happy to give a testimonial about how great this stuff works. I’ve been using it in my 2001 Vette (isn’t she beautiful?!) since April, and in the last six months, my fuel mileage has increased tremendously. Previously, I had to use high-octane and got about 23-24 mpg. Now I can use regular fuel, and I get around 28 mpg. That’s a huge savings, especially when you figure the price difference right now between regular and high-test is 28 cents per gallon. So...

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You Haven’t Gone Crazy, You’ve Gonepausal-A Crash Course in Menopause and Hot Flash Havoc: Wednesday, 11am EST, on YAK

Wednesday on YAK we take a humorous, profound crash-course in what you need to know about menopause with Heidi Houston, Executive Producer of the film Hot Flash Havoc. Menopause is unavoidable, and Hot Flash Havoc sheds insightful light on the confusion stemming from a decade of misguided facts. Heidi will tell us more about what we should know but don’t about the “Second Act” of our lives. Come YAK with guest-host Sue-Ham, co-host Gail Maria Forrest, and Colin Lively with CLZ. Join the party, chat-in or call-in, the phone lines will be open. Live Wednesday, September 28, 2011, 11 am-12...

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