The Secret: What’s the Missing Link? Find Out Wed., 11am EST

The Secret: What’s the Missing Link? Find Out Wed., 11am EST

David Friedman

Law of Attraction: Are your positive thoughts not manifesting your desires?  There’s a reason. David Friedman, celebrated author of The Thought Exchange and the groundbreaking documentary by the same name coming out this spring, joins Kay Van Hoesen on YAK, LIVE Wednesday, 11am EST.

We all know The Secret. We’ve read the books. Taken the seminars. And yet so many of us find ourselves asking, “Why haven’t they worked?”

David says, “You only live in the invisible world inside you,” and “… sensations are the gateway to the great unmanifested.” Wednesday he’ll reveal the missing piece to the real secret.

Colin Lively

Please join us live online on radio on Wednesday, 11am EST, when David unlocks the secrets that are keeping so many of us stuck.  The phone lines will be open. Call-in (877-500-9387). Chat-in.

Plus, our own lovable Colin Lively joins us for a little CLZ, and he’ll tell a story about how David Friedman saved his life.

Live online Wednesday, February 22, 11am EST

Replay Wednesday, Feb. 22, 7pm EST & Thursday, Feb. 23, 6am EST

Listen online at (click Listen/Play  button, upper right corner)

Listen by phone at

Chat in.  Call-in 877-500-9387 or 843-839-9360


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