7 Ways to Keep Your Kids Away from Seasonal Allergies

For some kids change in season is not all about change in fashionable wardrobe or vacation—it signals the start of seasonal allergies. Kids can be even more vulnerable to allergy than adults. Immunity of kids is very week, resulting they are more prone to allergies. Following are the points that every parent or guardians should follow to fight back against the kids seasonal allergies:

1. See a doctor, if needed


Photo Caption: Consult kids pediatrician if allergy is serious

Sometimes kids’ seasonal allergies are mild and can be easily treated at home. However, it would be better to consult a doctor if the infection is frequent. Even a minor breathing problem can convert into severe asthma. Medications offered by the doctors can help in mitigating serious diseases.  Your doctor may suggest you to contact some allergy specialist or can suggest medical test. It would be better to consult a pediatrician for skin allergies. Even a minor breathing problem can convert into severe asthma problem. Medications offered by the doctors can help in mitigating serious diseases.

Tip: If your kid’s eyes are feeling itchy then splash some cold water on their eyes as it controls soreness. Also use saline nose spray to remove pollen from inside kids’ noses.

2. Keep it cool

Shut down the windows, turn on the air conditioner and switch on the best in your kid. Air conditioner to an extent not only purifies the air but also keeps your kids comfortable. There’s nothing wrong with opening window during sunny weather but, unfortunately, you are letting the pollution in and all the things that trigger your kids allergy misery.

Tip: Coconut oil is the best skin treatment for kids as it helps in killing bacteria, fungi, and even benefits to stave off infection.

3. Watch out the food they eat

Healthy Food

As far as prevention is concerned, diet is the best way to avoid seasonal allergies. Overall a good healthy diet will boost immunity to fight allergies. Some studies suggest that eating foods containing probiotics (healthy bacteria that live in your digestive tract), like yogurt and Kefir drinks, might reduce allergy symptoms such as runny nose and congestion

Tips: If your kid loves to eat spice food then a cuisine made of hot ginger, onion, garlic or pepper will be good for their health. As this make there mucus thin and will clears nasal passage. 

4. Keep Surroundings Clean 

Clean Surronding

Photo caption: Try to keep surroundings to clean to avoid allergy

Keeping your home and surroundings clean is an important measure to prevent your children from diseases. Ask your kids to wash hands and change clothes once they are back from outdoors. In case of outdoor visits carry a pack of wiped tissues, anti-allergy creams, and boiled water. Wipe your house surface with a wet mop, as dry dusting can spread the allergens further. Eliminate allergy-causing pollen’s by installing an air purification system that has UV & negative ion filters.

Tip: You should always keep shoes outside the house. With this you will reduce the amount of pollen and other allergens you may be bringing into the house.

5. Cover them in proper clothes


Photo Caption: 100% cotton clothing line can prevent from all seasonal allergies

Change in seasons is fun but not dress, but not dressing children properly can turn the frolic sessions into emergency. Every parent or guardian should have a proper set of kids clothing ready before the season arrives. While purchasing baby dresses for summers or winters make sure that they are soft, supple and don’t lead to any skin infection or allergy.

Tip: Try to hang all your kids apparel inside as laundry is a magnet for pollution that can eventually lead to many allergies.

6. Try to keep your kid away from animals

Away from Animal

Photo Caption: Don’t touch or go near an animal

Avoid your kids contact with pets as they are more prone to pollen. More than 20% of India’s household have pets at their home. Hair, mucus, saliva and even urine of pets can lead to swelling, later to drastic skin diseases. If there is a pet at home then make sure someone should dry clean them properly. Don’t hesitate to ask your kids pediatrician for advice and discuss with them about approaches as well.

Tip: Petroleum jelly is the best tonic for kids rough and sensitive skin.

7. Avoid outdoors

Indoor Games

Photo caption: Kids playing indoors are less prone to seasonal allergies

If your house area is more prone to high pollution zone then it’s advisable to stay inside indoors. Don’t restrict their playing activity as it will hamper your toddler development, try to hosts all the activities inside the house. If possible avoids sun exposure especially during the allergy days.  The situation becomes worse during the rainy season because the humidity level is at its peak and kids are more inclined to breathing diseases as well. In fact, your kids pillow and bed sheet should be zipped in allergy-proof covers. Pollution is at its peak during the monsoon season. Keep car windows closed while driving.

Tip: Install air and water purifiers at home as it helps to avoid seasonal allergies.

Follow the tips mentioned above to make your kids new season easy and less sneeze. It will help to build  happy lifestyle of kids and will not hamper their overall development.