There is a pin point,
A flame burning, low
and deep down,
drowning in the dead pools that pass for her eyes.
no matter the pills she swallows,
the scars that she makes.
No matter how they try to break her,
to kill her,
to pull her under,
to encompass her in their evil games
It glows.
There is a light, soft in its gleaming,
like the beacon at the end of a long dark tunnel.
It’s there in the blackness of eyes that have only seen darkness.
Its there in the smile that’s so full of lies necessary to live.
It is something no one can touch,
not even her mind.
This tiny light that flickers with the shadows
but never goes away,
never dies,
waiting for its chance to grow into something beautiful.
Something whole again.
This portion of her that stays locked away,
behind the mirrors she’s set up.
No one can contaminate it,
change it,
or duplicate it,
bend it,
shatter it like they try to do her body
and mind.
The pain,
the hatred,
the fear,
and the weakness
This piece of her soul will shine through it all
never to die
never to fade.