An Organized Home Office Increases Productivity

Having an organized home office is a must if you struggle with paperwork. Whether your home office is a corner in your kitchen, a small table in your family room – or an official home office where you run your business.


Designating a place to handle your paperwork the first step to an organized home office. No matter where your official home office is located, there is a need to have a designated place that you handle business, pay bills, work on client projects and pay bills…just to name a few. This can even be a guest bedroom if needed. It is nice that your home office doesn’t have to be anything fancy. There are a lot of organizing products on the market that allow you to be “mobile”.


As a business owner, I value my daily habits of client contacts, handling paperwork, touching files and following up with clients and a To Do List. Even on vacation there is a list of things that I need To Do when I get up in the morning. And writing weekly blogs has to be one of
the things that are on my To Do List in order for it to be done consistently (and avoid missing a week).  One thing is to grab a nice cup of coffee and relax, listen to the birds, read a good book or just be quiet…even if it is just for a few minutes.


This is a time to create new daily habits that allow you to stay organized. I am well aware that in today’s world, we are busier than ever and being pulled in many directions at one time. However, creating habits that are healthy and beneficial to you, your business, your family and your life will allow you to save time and energy…and, most importantly, avoid frustration.

This is especially true when it comes to how we organize our paperwork. Why? Because, on average, 1 hour a day is spent looking for something, and typically, that is a piece of paperwork.


Keeping an organized home office is a matter of setting your mind to finding simple and easy solutions that will allow you to stay organized. Sometimes this can be difficult to do by ourselves because we are “in” our paperwork and files every day.

Try to find a fresh perspective on how you can easily organize your home office by thinking outside the box. What is it that you really need to keep right in front of you, on your desk or countertop? Assess whether or not that stack of files needs to have a spot within reach – or, can it be filed away with a reminder on your calendar that you need to check on the status in a few months? If so, doesn’t it make sense to file it away?

If you would like some ideas for simple solutions to keep your home office organized, especially the paperwork, send an email and we can talk about my File It, Find It…FAST System to find any piece of paper in 2 minutes or less.

Linda Clevenger, Organization Direct