Are We One?

Are we one? I’ll get to that in a moment, but first I would like to share an awesome moment from today. For me, anyway. I took a personal day off today. Primarily to accomplish an immediate goal and well, I have to use two allotted personal days in a given year before August 1. That’s another story in and of itself!

Back to the awesome moment. I arranged to meet Pappy in town today for lunch. (Pappy is my biological father who has cancer.) It’s his birthday today, so I drove to pick up one of his favorites for him — barbeque. What is it with men in the south and barbeque? Anyway, we met in town, had lunch and afterward he began telling me of a mechanical wiring issue he was having in his vehicle. I retrieved my 110 pc. flat, well-organized tool box (looks like a briefcase) from my vehicle and began to assist him. The issue was with the device you plug your cell phone into for charging. It wasn’t working. Before it was over I had removed the entire underside of the dash in order to reach the problem area and be able to grasp the device. Of course, the appropriate fuse was checked as well. Once I removed the dash area, he tried removing the device and reinstalling it to make sure the contacts were in place and touching. Bottom line, it turned out his hands would not fit into such a tiny area to make a complete connection and he gave up. He instructed me to put everything back together and said “I’ll just have to live with it not working.” Well, after two hours into this little project I wasn’t ready to give up until everything I could think of had been tried. So, I said please let me try and proceeded to explain what I was going to do. (You had to be there folks.)

I redid the connectors, of which there were two, and used a bit of electrical tape to ensure nothing was short circuiting. Next, I plugged the device in for charging and there was fire! It was a small joyous moment. I immediately started clapping and said a very loud “Yay…Never give up, Never give up!” I looked over at Pappy and noticed he had the biggest smile on his face. That was my awesome moment of the day! Well worth my chapped hands and seeing his very big smile.

I returned home, had a warm beverage and came upon this interesting video I thought I would share which, I think, demonstrates we are one. I hope you enjoy it. It’s long but if you’re into discovery you may like it: