Dear Phyllis:

A mystery. Why is it that when trying on most plus-size bathing suits that are of good quality, they expect you to have some HUGE boobs to fill them out? They either flatten you out like flap jacks or you need implants. ~Nancy J.


Buying a bathing suit just SUCKS; no one likes it much. Some designers make a suit with exact chest measurements in mind. You can pick out your size and hope it fits on the bottom.  I generally go for the bottom first since that’s where I’m mainly located.

When there isn’t a cup on the suit, it’s spandex so it’s made to be tight as you need support.  There is no easy answer for your plight, and every woman feels for you.  Am I right ladies?  Can I get an amen?

I would so like to swim like they did in the 1800s with long bloomers and shirts.  Lord knows, it’s better for the skin!  And give us all the room we need to breathe and enjoy ourselves without being worried about it bunching up or falling out.  Here’s a link of bathing fashion up to about 1920. (Here)  Let’s start a revolution. 

Screw you, bathing suits, we want bathing ensembles!

Good luck with your search; it’s a ridiculous situation, and you are not alone by any means. There is no real answer to the mystery of the fit of the bathing suits because every body is different for such a form-fitting garment.

It does suck, but there it is.  Every bathing suit maker i’ve found works for some people and not for others.  The curvy body is very different from one to another.  I have found good luck with the It Figures line.  Let me know if you have found anything that makes you happy.  Sorry I couldn’t be of more help, but you are talking about a mystery that plagues all of womankind!


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