We were absolutely spoiled last Friday November 4, 2011 here on Where Is My Guru. Not only did we get to talk cosmos and divinity with Bob Weisenberg, editor of elephant journal and creator of the Bhagavad Gita in a Nutshell and Yoga Demystified, but we uncovered some of the mystery behind the Bhagavad Gita as well. If that wasn’t enough we were also treated to a sampling of Bob’s flamenco guitar skills-which by the way he is an incredible guitar player-and we learned a bit about his creative guitar roots. It was truly a spectacular show!

Bob Weisenberg: It’s not an escapist philosophy at all. It’s an action oriented philosophy, which is why Gandhi found it so attractive. That’s the practical part of the main message of the Gita. The other part of the Gita, which is equally important-and this is the part of the Gita that is very consistent with modern Quantum Physics, Einstein often sounds like he is speaking out of the Gita when he talks about spirituality-the other part of the Gita is having a sense of and being aware of how infinitely wondrous everything is around us. In one of my essays I give the example of a galaxy. When you think about a galaxy you think about how wonderful it is, there are millions and millions of stars, etc. You can get equally fascinated by just thinking about your own body for example. You think of all the incredible and unfathomable things that are going on just to move your hand, or to think a thought, or to speak. If you start trying to focus on everything that’s going on around you, everything is infinitely wondrous. It’s like this kaleidoscope of wonder and we don’t really perceive life this way on general because we’ve developed mechanisms to hide the wonder. As soon as you start really focusing as the Gita urges you to, on exactly what is going on around you every little thing around you is infinitely wondrous, or divine.

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This article was lovingly assembled and transcribed by #WIMG’s Incredible Intern, Social Media Maven, and Radio Broadcast Expert Jennifer Cusano. Check out more of Jenn’s exceptionally skillful work and wordsmithery on Here Women Talk, elephant journal, and LinkedIn.