When it comes to men and relationships, one such question that gets thrown around among women is ‘why do men cheat’?  This question has been thrown around in many conversations among women for the past few years but it seems that the question is as fresh as ever. And even though there are reports of infidelities initiated by a woman (think of the high-profile love affair of Kirsten Stewart with her director), still the concept of cheating is always attributed by default to men.

So what makes men cheat? Well there are a number of researches, articles and studies that were made on the subject. We list down some of the more common reasons for cheating as magnified by some of the article and resources on sex, love and relationships.

One reason why men cheat is because one of his friends cheats as well. Sometimes it’s all about the influence of his peer that makes men cheat on their partners. If a group of male friends regularly talks about women and extra-marital affairs then there’s a big chance that some members of that closely-knit group will also resort to cheating knowing that it is the norm. Sometimes the decision to cheat is a matter of fulfilling one’s masculinity. Surely, one man will not take it sitting down that his friend can score on many women while he remains contented with just one.

It’s all about the sex (or the absence of it). Men by nature are powered by sex and if they cannot get what they want, then they get other sources for their want. There are also some men who cheat and find new women so that they can experiment with sex. The problem with married couples or those partners in long term relationships is that sex life becomes predictable. For most men this is not ideal. In order for the relationship to work, sex must be fiery. Sex as the main reason for infidelity normally happens when the woman can no longer satisfies the sexual flirtations of the man.

Can you believe that men also cheat because they are not valued and appreciated? Some women will surely find this difficult to believe and accept but if truth is to be told; some men also seek refuge in the arms of another woman if he can no longer feel the love and appreciation. This normally happens for mature men who turned into able providers and their wives failed to show the appreciation and love.

Some men on the other cheat for the thrill of it. There’s something about cheating and sharing it with friends that give some men the satisfaction that they can’t describe. There’s a feeling of completeness and superiority that comes with cheating that motivate some men to cheat. Cheating makes them a better man, and proves that he is better than the rest.

The debate on why men cheat will continue to rage on. What is clear is that cheating does happen. After learning the reasons why do men cheat, it is critical that women should learn how to address cheating and protect the marriage next. Cheating can be considered as a minor blip in the relationship radar, if attended well.