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Do You Wonder What It’s Like to Die?

Do you wonder if there’s life after death and if so, what Heaven’s really like? What is it like to die?  Wednesday on YAK (11am EST) we’ll be joined by G. Gordon Allen who’s had five NDEs (near death experiences) and was featured in the BBC film The Day I Died (video below).


Gordon Allen on Cover of Success Magazine

Gordon was a millionaire entrepreneur investment banker whose main focus, after his children, was making money. Then in 1993 he died. He left his body, met spiritual beings, learned his purpose, and when he returned, he was forever changed. He’s since severed all ties with acquiring wealth and instead became a counselor.

We’ll hear from Gordon what Heaven’s like, whether there’s a hell, and what he learned about everyone’s purpose in life.

chet snow

Dr. Chet Snow

And Dr. Chet Snow, past President of the Association for Past Life Research & Therapies, Inc., joins us to explain shared-death experiences where healthy individuals glimpse part of the inner-journey of someone who is physically dying. Dr. Snow will tell the intimate shared-death experience with his mother, changing his path in life as well.

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This is the first of a three-part series on NDEs in which you’ll hear amazing stories from medical professionals and NDEers who want to tell their experiences. Tune in every Wednesday, November 9-23, 2011, 11am-12pm EST. Can’t listen live? Listen-on-demand: Archives or iTunes.

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Come YAK with Kay Van Hoesen, Here Women Talk founder; Gail Maria Forrest, blogger; Colin Lively of CLZ and special guest G. Gordon Allen

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