Does Social Media Suck Time From Your Daily Routine?

Your To Do List (or Daily Intention List) is long and growing every day.  Every morning you wake with the intention to get   a majority of things checked off of your list but how can you make this happen?

Determining how you are spending your time is important.  What is it that pulls your focus away from what is important and to what you (truthfully), would rather be doing every morning or afternoon?  Taking a serious look at how we spend our time every day will increase productivity and you will find that you get more done in less time.

What I have found with clients is that email, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media avenues are one of the biggest time-suckers for business owners.  The need to be connected and stay connected all day long distracts us from what we really need to do – reach goals, meet deadlines and completing projects.   So how do you pull away from social media and still stay connected with your audience?  Here are my three tips to keep focused on your daily To Do (Intention) List And fulfill your need to be connected with social media sources:

1.  Set specific times during the day to actually “be” online.   Whether you are a business owner, an employee or a mom…what isn’t getting done in the middle of the morning if you are sitting in front of your facebook or linkedin screen.  Many employers have pulled their employees social media access off of their desktops and laptops.  They aren’t able to, however, pull it from your cell phones.  So, set aside specific times during each day to check out your social media sites.  I recommend morning, lunch and evening.  Getting up 30 minutes earlier every morning to check your sites, make posts and talk to your associates and friends can still keep you on schedule without pulling you away from your daily routine.   Check your inbox again at lunch (on your phone) and then after dinner time.

2.  If you work from a home office, turn off your sound alarms for incoming emails.  We are an instant gratification society…we want (and feel the need) to stay constantly connected.  The constant distraction of the ding of an incoming email will take you off task and distract you from what is important – and keep you from getting things done.  Even the light blinking on your phone can be a distraction if you are ADD.  Put your phone in another area of your office – somewhere it is accessible but out of sight.

3.  Screen your phone calls.  When you are concentrating on a project or in the middle of reaching a goal don’t answer the phone unless it is an emergency.  Allow whoever is calling to leave you a message.  It is statistically documented that when you initiate a conversation – and are in control of the conversation – it will take less time.  And, knowing what and how to answer the call will put you in the driver’s seat.  You’ll have the time to do some research and possible investigation and actually “answer” the phone call, instead of having to make a return call.  It will help you get more done-in less time.  Work smarter, not harder.  You’re not being rude – you are being responsive…and this makes you look good!  After all, you are busy, aren’t you?  There is nothing wrong with you not answering the phone on the first ring.

I hope that this will help you stay focused and get more done every day.

Don’t Agonize – Organize