Please help! I am really struggling with being single these days. It feels like everywhere I turn a friend or acquaintance is getting married. I am looking at three RSVP cards I have to mail for upcoming weddings. Now I have to try and find three dates. I fear this year’s wedding season will be the death of me, what’s a girl to do?
Sick of being single, Darlene, Texas

That plus one invitation can be a form of self torture or it can be the master key in your strategy to finding your perfect mate. You first have to ask yourself, are you more interested in trying to impress others or are you willing to engage every opportunity to meet Mr. Right?

One of my favorite movies is The Wedding Date it stars Debra Messing at her attempt to make her ex jealous by hiring a male escort to pose as her boyfriend for her sister’s wedding. The interesting part of the movie for me is that Debra’s character spent all her time trying to make her ex believe she had power that she had never actually realized in herself. If you pretend like you have it all under control people will assume as much. Never wanting to show your vulnerable side for fear that others will judge you will keep you from getting what you desire most.

If you show up without a date others will see that you are a beautiful, single, social and confident woman who is comfortable with herself. It also gives you a chance to use your community of friends and family that know you best in persevering to connect with your life partner. Don’t be afraid to let people know you are open to dating. Tell them what your criteria is and be willing to venture out and get to know those who they suggest. Remember there is power in being vulnerable. That is where we find answers to our most critical questions.