Photo credit: Dan Young, Wausau Daily Herald. Firefighter Jamie Giese peforms mouth-to-snout resuscitation on Yellow Lab named Koda

A Wasau, Wisconsin firefighter Jamie Giese used what he saw on TV to save an unconscious Labrador retriever. Minutes earlier, fellow firemen carried 7-year-old Koda, a yellow Lab, from a burning home where the dog had inhaled a substantial amount of smoke. The firefighters had no equipment nor training for animal resuscitation, so Jamie tried something he had seen on television, mouth-to-snout breathing. Koda came around, and the firefighters put a human oxygen mask over Koda’s snout, rushing him to an animal hospital. Koda is now completely recovered.

Hooray for Koda, his family, and especially the kind, caring, heroic firemen who went into a burning home to rescue this dog.

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