Getting Organized at Home Feels Awesome!

Are you in the process of getting organized? A few weeks ago, I wrote a blog…Confession of a Professional Organizer and I shared my personal story. Yes, the Professional Organized hired someone to help organize her space. I admit that I’m not perfect! I have had quite a few responses to that blog so I thought I would do a follow-up.


Having my kitchen cabinets, lazy susan and pantry organized feels great! Getting organized at home just feels awesome. I love, love the smile on my husband’s face when he opens the cupboard and it “looks” neat and pretty. We have never had trouble finding what we need, everything really was organized to a certain degree. However, it now looks great too. We downsized a little and eliminated some things that we hadn’t used in a while and now there is more space.

You are probably thinking…shouldn’t you know all of this Linda? For goodness sake! After all, this is what you have been doing for clients for six years!


Yes, I have always enjoyed the smiles on my client’s faces when we organize their space. Whether it is the kitchen, paperwork, closets, garage in your home – or systems and processes for a business – getting organized feels great! My clients have always told me how good it feels. (And I believed them because I could see the excitement in their eyes).

Now, I know what it feels like too! Again, we have never spent time looking for anything that we needed. We haven’t experienced anxiety or stress looking for something. Time management due to lack of organization has never been an issue. However, having a new perspective on “how” things could be organized differently within my own space has been very enlightening.  It’s just as easy as before, but slightly more functional.


Complete the sentence. How would you answer it? Now that I am organized, I feel good about my space. Now that I am organized, I am able to have an extra 10 minutes every evening just to relax. Personally, now that I am organized, my husband wants to help more – which makes me very happy!

Being organized isn’t always easy and sometimes staying organized can be even harder. Keeping your space organized is just like being on a diet. It takes consistency, and the development of habits. Staying organized doesn’t magically happen (unless you have someone doing everything for you). It requires doing the same thing over and over and over again and developing systems that may seem to take forever when you are beginning the process. However, once you get used to the process, things really don’t take as long as you think they do.