The environment – something we all know we must face. We must all join together to heal and help thrive. That our future generations are relying on us to take action…

But no matter we’re told, shown, or lectured in, it is often something we forget. I’m hoping that is until today.

I came across a video I want to share; now don’t cringe, it’s not a man in lab coat going over the latest decline with graphs and chart, instead it is the voice of Severn Suzuki a young woman sharing her thoughtful reality around what is happening in our world to the UN. (It is a number of years old… but the speech is just as relevant today as it will still be tomorrow).

Even if you are not “into the concept of environmentalism”, can’t be bother to think about recycling or don’t have the time to consider how much waste we create daily – I invite you to watch this video.

It is powerful and I commend the courage that came from the voice of this young woman.

I would love to hear your thoughts,

Much Love

Alessandra Sagredo