Friday, October 14, 2pm EST ~ ((LIVE)) online ~ The Colin Lively Show

Howard Samuel Bittner aka Cerebral Sam, former right-wing, devout Southern Baptist turned radical atheist leftist — Cleveland’s Top Comic — brings his form of humor and outspoken viewpoints to midwest Ports of Call.  WARNING!!! Not for kids and could be explicit.

Plus, Colin interviews himself. Really? After years of getting interviewed for television, magazines, newspapers, and depositions, Colin will ask himself all the questions he wishes they asked (or thankfully, didn’t). He promises to answer as many as possible without incriminating family members (or himself).

You’re invited to join beauty interpreter, society hairdresser and raconteur Colin Lively. Chat-in. Call-in. Never a dull moment at Colin Lively’s party!

((Live)) Friday, October 14, 2011

2-3 pm Eastern (11 am-12 pm Pacific)

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