I Thought My Parents were Organized…NOT!

I have always thought that my parents were organized.  Actually, as an Organizing Consultant, I know, first-hand, they are very organized.  And, I’m very thankful!  However, just last week, I discovered some areas of their lives that were not as organized as they had thought…and as I had thought.


Thinking about all of the possibilities, the “what-if’s” that can happen in our lives is just about impossible.  I never would  never have guessed that my husband would fall off of our roof in 2007.  I definitely learned a ton of valuable information during those two long years of healing and know that everything that happened was directed by the Universe.  I never would have imagined raising another child at this point in my life either.  And, I definitely would not have thought that I would take a leap of faith and become an Entrepreneur in my mid-40’s. I was perfectly happy with Corporate America…or so I thought.

Our lives are full of “what-if’s” and being as prepared as possible is important.  Of course, this definitely means stepping outside of our comfort zone in the realm of the unknown and is extremely scary.


Call him crazy, but my dad had both of his knees replaced last month.  Most people would consider this decision to be crazy.  He just knew that the surgeries had to be done and he didn’t want to have to go through it two times.  So, why not got it over with, right?

What I experienced last month, while helping both him and my mom through the post-surgery, was life-changing.   Like I mentioned, I thought my parents were organized.  They had put everything into place.  They had their Wills made and Medical Directives in place.  What they had not considered, however, was that they needed someone other than each other to be responsible for each other.  Laws had changed.  My mom needed another set of ears to listen to the doctors and nurses and to ask questions that she wasn’t able to think of.  And, she needed moral support during a stressful time.

Why did she need all of this?  Because even though my parents were organized, they hadn’t thought of everything that needed to be done.  They were not as prepared as they thought.  The Medical Directives were not updated.  They did not meet the current HIPPA requirements to release information to me (or anyone else for that matter).  And, there were several unexpected complications.  And, without an updated Medical Directive, I wasn’t able to help my parents with some very important decisions.


It is important that the “What If” questions be considered.  Thinking about them does not mean that they will happen.  It is not setting ourselves up for failure or wishing bad things or situations to happen. Being pro-active and prepared for possible situations will help you make clear, precise and smart decisions instead of acting and reacting based on your emotions.

Be Prepared and Organized with your material objects, your paperwork, your  important documents and with family.  Don’t be caught wishing that you had been pro-active and then realizing that it is too late.

Don’t Agonize – Organize!

Linda Clevenger, Organization Direct