I have to say that Maroon 5’s song, “Moves like Jagger “makes me just feel euphoric. I am even mad about the video that showcased all different walks of life doing their best liquid leg dance in honor of Mick Jagger. If I had been in LA last year, I might have cheered the brave ones strutting their stuff, but my heart and restless legs would have been longing to show all my moves like Jagger, the lead singer of the Rolling Stones. I don’t feel I should have to add “of the Rolling Stones” but I have met a few un-cool people in my life so this is for all you cave dwellers. Let’s put it this way – my late father knew who the Rolling Stones were. And he was just starting to get jiggy with Jay Z before he left to listen to Frank Sinatra live 24/7.

Okay, so I came up with the title, just ranted a little and then I had no idea where to go with this piece until someone posted this on Facebook:

You all laugh because I’m different, I laugh because you’re all the same” – Author Unknown

These 13 words stopped me in my tracks. I know it is not easy to pigeonhole me; myself, and I, but this line captured me and my life…100%.

So before you take out your air violin, please know that I would not have it any other way. The near fatal doubts of my own self worth over the years came because people were uncomfortable being around me. Because of all their efforts, I became the extraordinary person I am today. Thank you. I hardly had to do any of the heavy lifting. I just sat back, collected my scars and observed people discovering that they were so, so ordinary.

Well, you are thinking, listen to her go on about how extraordinary she is.

I am.

I am tired of denying who I am. Something cracked open in me about six months ago. I am an artist who rediscovered her roots. I can create and I am good at it and getting better all the time. I write and sometimes I can be pretty damn funny and sometimes I look for ways to break your heart. It is not because I want to cause you pain. I just want to know that I can.

And sometimes we all need our hearts broken so we can change.

So I think my new mantra just might be, “I still got the moves like Jagger.”

In fact, Mick just called me about giving him some dance lessons. It’s about time.

So do you have the moves like Jagger?

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