Hello There Fellow Guru’s!


We are so thrilled to share with you the details of our show last Friday December 9,2011. Jeff Waltcher and Lisa Johnston joined us and filled us in on their latest fundraising project for the Sakyong Foundation called 100,000 Aspirations . It was great fun to learn about the meaning behind the project-giving voice to those sharing their positive intentions-and to really sit down and dissect the definition of an aspiration.

We were also so grateful to welcome outspoken activist, Vinyasa flow freedom fighter, and former Life Cafe employee, New Jersey native Seane Corn to the show. It was truly an honor to hear her talk about her personal growth as an activist and pick her brain concerning the Occupy Wallstreet movement amongst other incredible things.

Seane Corn: “I wasn’t listening and I was speaking at the crowd rather than trying to engage. I was motivated really from my rage. I always had issues around injustice, and always felt it was part of my call to be a voice for the voiceless but I hadn’t processed my own feelings at all in terms of my own sense of injustice and rage. When I would go to a rally my only intention was to fight, and to show what I was against, and to push the anger out of my body through really screaming. I felt better after the rally but really nothing was accomplished. It showed me that I really needed to deal with a lot of my own issues, and learn how to cultivate some very practical tools so that when I’m in conflict I can be much more resourceful. I can be more sustainable in the experience and also listen and try to engage in conversation rather than continue to be divisive. It’s this idea of separation that is continuing to traumatize our culture.”

To listen to the rest of the show kindly click here.

This article was lovingly assembled and transcribed by #WIMG’s Incredible Intern, Social Media Maven, and Radio Broadcast Expert Jennifer Cusano. Check out more of Jenn’s exceptionally skillful work and wordsmithery on Here Women Talk, elephant journal, and LinkedIn.