“Don’t know why there’s no sun up in the sky Stormy Weather. Since my man and I ain’t together, keeps rainin’ all the time.”

What if the lyric was,  “Don’t know why so much sun’s up in the sky – Blinding Weather. Since my man and I ain’t together, sun’s shinin’ all the time!”   Sounds ridiculous, right?

Each morning, at about the same time, I look out of my window at the beautiful view of the Empire State Building. It appears to be growing out of lower buildings. I can barely see the low buildings through the trees that surround my building and grow in the playground that takes up the square block across the avenue. Then I look in the mirror at the reflection of the East River and the two tall buildings in front of the building my son lives in, in North Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Okay – why does this view feel different to me on cloudy days than it does on sunny days?  Why am I writing about this?

I’m writing because something hit me like a ton of bricks (as they used to say).  I want to think those thoughts that inspire me to say, “YES”- to myself – and therefore inspire the world to say YES to me!  I want to begin my day joyfully. I deserve to have a joyful day – and so do you!

I noticed that my perception of the view changes depending on the weather. The day before yesterday it occurred to me that this is insane! Why should the weather affect my joy? Why should it affect my spirit in any way? Do you find your energy shifting downward when you see clouds fill the sky or upward when the sun is shining brightly over the landscape you’re looking at?  Okay – if it’s raining it might mean I need to wear waterproof clothing and carry an umbrella; but is that such a tedious task? They make lovely raincoats these days and joyously printed umbrellas that aren’t expensive.

Then I started thinking of all the songs that include stormy, cloudy, sunshine, etc. Most songs with lyrics that speak of weather conditions that aren’t sunny or moonlit are dealing with “the blues”, unhappiness, lost love, lost hope, etc., etc. etc.   Who decided that cloudy wasn’t fun?  Joni Mitchell, as least, admits she doesn’t know clouds. However, I still get an implied sadness in “not knowing” clouds or love. Saying NO to YOU for “not knowing” is a column unto itself.

I truly just realized that I’m allowed to choose the way I see a cloudy sky or a sunny sky, for that matter. Cloudy skies don’t have to “make” me feel one way or another.  I can choose the way I feel about a cloudy sky. I can say, “Wow look at those clouds and look at their thickness over there and over the other way they seem thinner, but darker, etc. etc.  I love the way thin dark clouds make me feel!

I often seem to be taken back to Oscar Hammerstein’s brilliant song, “You’ve Got To Be Taught!” If you weren’t taught to feel sad when it was cloudy, would you feel sad in stormy weather? I decided to try something. I went out into the cloudy, drizzly day and decided to specifically list positive things about the clouds and rain. I saw the sky with the movement of the thick clouds as interesting.  Each cloud was a work of art and the grey cover behind them was the perfect background.  It was FUN to note that the cloud cover had the power to completely obliterate the top of The Empire State Building!

Remember to always choose to  Say YES to YOU!