Making 2012 a Brighter Year for All of Us

The last decade has taken a great toll on many of us economically and spiritually, so it’s natural to wonder and sometimes to worry what a new year has in store for us. Which people will make a great impression in our lives? What events will transpire and how will they affect us? Many people have grown fearful of what to expect. Take a serious look around you. What are the things you fear? Only by identifying them, will you be able to dispel them and turn your thoughts to pleasant things. If everyone in the world would light a white candle for positive thinking, we would greatly increase our universal energy.

A friend once told me that people can sometimes be like plants.  If we allow someone or something to bring us down, our roots wither and will no longer be secured in the ground. That’s why we must eliminate negative thoughts from our minds, and negative people from our lives. We can remove negative thoughts by allowing them to come into our minds and slowly slide out. This is what is taught in meditation. Just be still. Be still in the moment. While doing so, realize that you are in control of your own thinking. Wiggle your roots back into the ground and you will find yourself generating a beneficial outlook. Recognize that in the big picture, the positive always outweighs the negative.

Think creatively. By creating we enable our minds to be constructive, not destructive. As Albert Einstein once said, “It is not how much we know, but how much imagination we possess.” Let your imagination flow and you’ll be surprised at what manifests.

It’s crucial to take time out for yourself. Unplug all of the people that are attached to you. Even though you love them, unplug, because then your energy will be free. Your energy will be your own without anyone else’s tainting it. You are free to discover and free to think what you want. There is one thing that no one can ever take from you, and that is your mind. Unplugging releases any rubbish so you can think clearly.

A seed needs love, water, and sunlight to blossom into a flower. We are no different. Allow your imagination to expand. Stop worrying about what the next person will say. Do what you know in your heart is right. Cleanse your home with sage and copal, and place clear quartz stones at the four corners of your room, north, south, east and west. Think about the good things you’d like to gain and experience in 2012. Feel gratitude for what you have, and focus on what you desire. Make this your New Year’s resolution.

Make 2012 everything you want it to be. Take it as it comes and always make the best of it. Smile every day, and everyone will wonder what you are up to! Remember that earth is our school, and hardships are the lessons that help us grow. The most important things are to love, to care, to share. Feel the love inside of you. You need to feel it, know it and believe in its gloriousness. Dance in a storm, laugh and play music, sing, paint, and spend time with the people and animals you love. Always be optimistic, and you will have a Happy New Year!