Christa Woomer, Theresa Shell, Vern Troyer

Dang, ya’ll. At 49-years-old, Theresa Shell loaded up her daughter and her station wagon, leaving their country home in Virginia, heading for the glamour of Hollywood.  It wasn’t easy, they lived poor, but Theresa followed her dream and today she’s writing and producing Dixiewood, a comedic red-neck web series inspired loosely by Theresa’s own life.

Wednesday you’re in for a treat. Theresa and her cast of wickedly funny comedic actors will join us for a behind-the-scenes glimpse into Dixiewood and their lives on and off camera.

Have you dreamed of making it in Hollywood? Or how about just doing something unconventional like running away from home? Whatever your dream, you’ll be inspired by the humor, transparency and get-‘er-done attitude of this talented crew.

Brian Ecker

Christa Woomer

Wes Robertson

Please join YAK ((LIVE)) Wednesday, November 23, 11am EST (8am PST) with Theresa Shell, Christa WoomerBrian Ecker, and Wes Robertson. Notably absent will be Director Ryan Ball, but maybe he’ll call in.

Colin Lively

And society hairdresser Colin Lively, who himself journeyed from the mountains of West Virginia to the Big Apple, will join us in the last quarter hour for his own brand of CLZ – The Colin Lively Zone!

Editor’s note: If you missed the live show, you can listen in archives or iTunes.

Wednesday, November 23

11 am-12 pm EST (8-9 am PST)

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