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We are so honored to fill you in on all the guru goodness of this past Friday’s show on November 18,2011. Global yoga warrior, servant to the breath, a now grounded wanderer and impassioned mother, Vinyasa flow instructor Janet Stone shared with us her insight and wisdom. We were also thrilled to welcome Where Is My Guru Facebook contest winner, our 1,000 fan, Elina Rita Burke the creator of Fired Up For Yoga, a yoga program designed for emergency response workers.

Janet Stone: The whole entire practice of yoga is really the search for integration between the two forces of effort and surrender. All these ways of sun and moon to find our own internal unity within that. Whether we are in a male for or a female form all of us have our tendency. Our tendency whether we are in a woman’s body or not can be more forceful, more solar or the more lunar, the more feminine or the more masculine. What’s been fascinating for me in the process of becoming a mother, of course the birth alone is a death and a life, is that you release some old sense of self, some sense of I, me and my. You come into the power of what it is to surrender into absolute not knowing. If you’re talking communication, where that brings me to is curiosity. If I were to really come to any sort of class that I’m teaching, that I’m studenting at, any communication that I have any preconceived ideas about, then it’s already set and done. Same with the birth process, or mothering, or everyday that we wake up, every meal that I assume my child’s going to want, and then suddenly they don’t. What that really brings me to is curiosity. Staying really open and curios to what this communication is, who this person is. I stay curios and stay in wonder.

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