Imagine your life if you were never in a bad mood again.  What would that look like to you in your daily reality?  Most people say “Wow, that would be great!” – and then follow it up with ” too bad life isn’t really like that”, not even realizing that they just re-affirmed that limiting belief.

Mood is a Choice. Really!  I know it sounds too simple to be true, never the less…  it is.

Before you can even be in a bad mood, FIRST you have made the decision to allow something outside of you to have your focus and attention.  Then you invest your emotions into the mix and you declare “I’m In A Bad Mood!” 

Many times when you make the deliberate choice to only be in a good mood, you declare “I’m TRYING to be in a bad mood”, which still takes a lot of effort because your point of attraction is “Trying” and you affirm it over and over without realizing it.

Begin telling the story of everything that is going great throughout the day, and give NO FOCUS to the story of what is not.  It takes practice, but like anything else can be mastered and soon will be the default setting of your thoughts..

The days go better when you make a deliberate choice to feel good no matter what is going on around you.  Food tastes richer, colors are brighter, and life is fuller in every way… and of course IT FEELS GOOD!

There are some side effects from this practice; People around you begin to feel good too.

A bad mood is contagious….  and so is a good mood.  The really exciting news is YOU are the only one who gets to choose how to feel and which one you spread around.

Give it a try for yourself, give it a test in your own life experience.  Make the decision right NOW in this moment, to feel good no matter what is going on around you- When you do, YOU will have made a decision that will serve you over and over for the rest of your life.


Stephanie Kathan

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