For my friend’s birthday, I gave her a short profile of her life. When she first read it she told me, “This is so off base, this is not me”.  A few days later she went to a psychic and wrote down everything the psychic was telling her. Again she thought to herself, this if sooo off base, it’s not me.
When she got home she read her numerology report and compared it to her psychic report.  To her surprise, they were similar in many ways.  At this point she decided she should ponder this and really look inside herself.
The result: it was all her, but she just wasn’t following her destiny, and she realized that if she does not follow her destiny in this lifetime she will not live a happy life.
Up until this point, she had not lead a happy life; it’s been full of disappointments, stress, fear, tragedy.
Did her life change miraculously after this realization?  No. But she is now aware, present and prepared to face what has caused her pain and despair and reorganize her life to move in the direction of her destiny.
Does any of this resonate with you?  Would you like to know and live your destiny? You can…Just make up your mind and do it.