“Numbers are the Universal language offered by the deity to humans as confirmation of the truth.” — St. Augustine of Hippo

Aryn Quinn

Wednesday on YAK, Aryn Quinn, the founder and creator of Numbo [nuhm-bo], will join us to explore how numbers construct our innermost desires, quirks, and personalities.

With Numbo, Aryn has transformed the 2,600-year-old practice of Numerology into a modern application for self-discovery: helping us to explore everything from our career paths, to discovering more about our friends and families. She has even invented an algorithm that can accurately articulate who our true love may be!

Speaking of true love… when I first used Numbo, I learned so much about myself, and my exes, that I needed to pour myself a glass of wine. Numbo cuts right down to the bottom of things. It tells you so much; I could tinker with this thing for hours— and I’m not a techy, but I was addicted within seconds.

Joshua Plant

Aryn has been working with our HereWomenTalk BFF, Joshua Plant, on this project for well over a year and he may pop on the air as well! Joshua is the barking dog behind Numbo, throughout the beta testing process, and even now, he sends emails (constantly) with, “What about this?” “Where is this?” “What happened to this?” “Why are we not including this?”

Joshua is one of HWT’s greatest cheerleaders, constantly liking everyone’s facebook posts, always on the chat, and even sending out announcements for us. It was Joshua who got HWT on the United Nations’ homepage after we rescued a trafficking victim. So everybody, let’s support Josh and Aryn in their endeavor!

Are you ready to Numbo?

Yeah? Well, you will have to tune in, better yet, call in, and we will do your Numbo right on the air! Don’t worry, it doesn’t hurt. Just relax, listen about your profile and enjoy getting to know the inner-you! And if you absolutely cannot wait, click HERE to download your Numbo App from iTunes.

Wednesday, February 1, 11am-12pm EST

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Listen by phone at ZeusRadio.mobi

Chat in.  Call-in 877-500-9387 or 843-839-9360