For crying out loud, if we learn nothing else, let’s learn to spell.

Newspapers, magazines, even television commercials, are all fraught with misspellings.  It’s about to put me over the edge.

When we were in a position to hire new employees, I gave a spelling test.  I wasn’t going to trust people to write marketing plans, conference reports, correspondence to clients, and be unable to communicate intelligently.

If they didn’t pass the spelling test they didn’t get the job.  Seemed harsh to some but not to me.

There are simple rules and we should not be too lazy to learn them.

There means put it over there.

Their means it belongs to them, it’s theirs.

You’re means you are.   Your does not mean you are so let’s stop using it to indicate that.

There’s a Merriam-Webster spelling bee website that we should all be visiting now and then, if for nothing else than to brush up.

Check it out:

My spelling words, by the way, were:

Conscientious, conference, intelligence, lactose, alloy, bacteria, simonize, convenience, altruistic, and replacement. More than one wrong and don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

Tough room.