Trying to find the time to de-clutter, organize, down-size, and eliminate can seem impossible.  There are only 24 hours in a day so how can we find the time to get organized?  And, reality is that you will have to organize again, it won’t last forever.  Ever feel like this?

Because our time is precious ,it’s important to make sure that we keep the following in mind when it comes to getting organized:

1.  Take Action – Stop dropping everything that comes into your home or office or wherever it is the most convenient.  Hang it up, put it in the trash, take it to the bedroom, put it away, file it.  Whatever it is….if you don’t have to touch it again, you’ll save time.

2.  Schedule Breaks – So many times we don’t start a project because we have the perception of how much time it will take to complete the task.  We play silly mind games with ourselves that because it is going to take 45 minutes, we don’t have the time.  Split up your time.  Work for 20 minutes and then take a 5 minute break!  When you get back up you’ll be able to see the end in sight and actually finish the job.

3. Throw a Party – You are probably saying…WHAT?  Do you realize what you are saying?  I can’t have a party because I can’t have anyone see this unorganized mess!  That’s exactly right…what better reason to begin the organizing process than to celebrate your time and organized space with your friends and family!  The party doesn’t have to be tomorrow…I’m not talking about maxing out your stress level in order to have a party but schedule it soon and get busy.

4.  Leave Perfection Behind – Everything doesn’t have to be perfectly organized all of the time.  Be realistic about your expectations in yourself and others.

5.  Be Flexible – Something will come up that you won’t be able to control.  In business, it may be a phone call that takes a chunk out of your day.  In your home, it could be a child that has to stay home because they are sick that can throw a wrench in your schedule.  Life will happen because we aren’t in control of every minute of our day.  Stay focused on what you can do (when you can do it) and get it done!

6.  Schedule Maintenance – In order to keep our cars running smoothly we change the oil and rotate the tires on a regular basis.  Without the maintenance, our cars will eventually break down and leave us stranded.  The same applies to your home and office.  Schedule a time to purge and organize.  Toss and eliminate things that you aren’t using anymore.  Schedule your own quarterly home and office maintenance to keep yourself running smooth.

7.  Don’t Wait – Waiting until you “feel” like doing something will only put it off until another day, week, month or season.  You’ll feel better when you accomplish your goals.

Don’t procrastinate….do it today.