Deconstructing thought is a really powerful tool when your intention is to break through paradigms and limiting beliefs. We have all been conditioned with them through cultures, religions, and just beliefs that others have handed down to us for generations that we have taken on as our own because….. Well because it’s what we were taught by others who learned it from their parents, who learned it from their parents… and on it goes.

Through life we pick up a few false premises and carry them through the journey of our own perception as we ourselves pass on our limiting beliefs to our own children.

It’s time to De-Construct conditioned thinking and build new pathways in life.  Embrace the experience of taking thought beyond where it’s been on the leading edge of deliberate creation.

For over 40 years I lived on a default setting, following the pathways I was building without even knowing it.  I have now learned to be a master architect, building bridges only toward what I want. 

Every story you tell is a construction site.  Each time you tell it, you are adding another support beam holding it in place.  When you are hammering the nails of “I’m Broke, ” I Hate My Life”, or “Life is Hard”, you are building yourself a beautiful showcase of how hard things are.  You are also ensuring the struggle for money, and giving yourself a great view of things to hate about your life.

When you begin building on purpose, using eagerness, belief and faith in who you are as the tools you use…. You will create a masterpiece, mirroring the brilliance from the inside out, giving you a magnificent view of what you are capable of.

You are the blueprint, You are the builder, and You are holding all the tools you need right now to build bridges to where ever it is you want to go.

Let go of your false premises and conditioned thinking, and build some new pathways toward your dreams.


Stephanie Kathan